Here you will find information about the functionality of the platform and answers to the most frequently asked questions. Use our tips & tricks to get to know the platform better.

If your issue cannot be resolved, please contact us using the support form below.

Tips & Tricks to use the platform:

Basic profile: If you have registered with a basic profile, you can look around the platform extensively. You can upgrade to Premium at any time. To do so, click on the arrow next to your profile picture in the menu and in the submenu on “Buy Premium-Account”.

Premium: Congratulations, you have full access to all functionality. In the dashboard you can see how long your membership will last. You can actively connect with other conscious people.

  • Your premium access will automatically expire after the booked duration. We do not automatically renew memberships, as is the case with other platforms. We don’t believe in trapping members into a subscription model.
  • After your premium access expires, your profile with your messages and connections will remain in the Basic version and you can upgrade again at any time.

Unlocking your profile requires a few minimum details. Make sure you have filled in “Country, Age, Gender, I’m looking for…” and posted a profile picture. As a Premium member, you can upload ten additional photos. Please note that only information about you personally is allowed in your profile.


  • The more information you provide about yourself in the profile and show photos of yourself, the more attractive your profile will be.
  • The profile pictures are enlargeable, click on it and try it out.
  • IMPORTANT: Enter a location in your profile so that you can be seen by other users in the map and matching.

After logging in, you will land on the dashboard. Here you can see the most important information about your profile in a compact form. You can see who is currently online, who has visited your profile, who has written to you, who wants to connect with you and the most wanted profiles of the last days.


  • You are in another menu item and want to go back to the dashboard? Click on the heart or on Dashboard in the menu at the top.
  • If you are a Premium user, you can also see in the dashboard until when your Premium account is valid.

Connecting is easy. Do you like someone? Then visit his/her profile, click on the blue heart icon and send a contact request with a short message. Your chosen one will then receive a notification in the platform as well as by email. If the request is accepted, you will also receive a notification and the text of your request will be transferred to the messages. If you are connected, you can exchange messages indefinitely. Premium users see the heart as well in the short profiles when searching.


  • Increase the chance of a successful contact by sending a message with the request about what you particularly like about your sweetheart.
  • Use the Premium account to connect unlimitedly. With a basic profile you can only accept and answer contact requests.

You can see your profile visitors of the last 14 days in the dashboard, as well as in your profile. The most visited users (top 10 users) are also displayed in the dashboard and feed.


  • Increase your own popularity by being active, clicking through profiles and contacting users. Update your photos regularly so that other members and guests will be aware of you in the News Feed. Comment on posts / pictures and participate in groups or discussions in the forum.
  • Use a premium membership as a booster for your popularity. As a member you connect actively and unlimitedly, you can browse all profiles and participate in discussions. This will increase your popularity among other users.
  • Don’t want to be seen as a visitor on profiles? Then you can also disable the profile visitors option here (or in the profile menu under account). However, we do not recommend this.

The search is the heart of the platform. Here you can find the short profiles of all users and search for conscious people from all over Europe using the filter criteria and the map. Play with the functions and get familiar. You can’t “break” anything. Press “reset” above the filter criteria to see all users again.


  • Want to find people near you? Simply zoom into the map or use the radius search to the left of the map.
  • As a Premium user, you will see a heart symbol next to each short profile and can send a contact request directly by clicking on the heart.

Trying out Swiping & Matching is a lot of fun. With the settings you can quickly find the right people in your area. Click or swipe through profiles, hide profiles, or send contact requests directly (as a premium user).

With any good platform, it happens that you connect and in individual cases you want to disconnect later. Or there are cases when you would like to hide someone from the overview, or don’t want him/her to continue seeing your profile. Or you want to submit a complaint about a user to the support (e.g. fake, insult, etc.). We have considered all these cases and thought of a solution.

  • To disconnect, go to the user’s profile. Click the “Connected” button and click “Disconnect” again.
  • To block a user, go to the user’s profile and click the button with the circle icon (Block member). You no longer see the user, and he/she no longer sees you. You can unblock it at any time.
  • If you want to report a user to support, go to the user’s profile and click the gray button with the “R” (report). Select the category of your complaint and enter a text for support. We investigate every complaint.

I have registered free of charge with a Basic profile as a guest and would like to upgrade. What are the costs for a full premium membership and what are the terms?

We offer terms of 1, 3 and 6 month(s) for Premium Memberships. All memberships expire automatically, we don’t force you into a subscription model.

Our memberships start from 14,99 CHF/ month. Our standard prices are:

  • 1 Month: 19,99 CHF
  • 3 Months: 53,97 CHF (17,99 per month)
  • 6 Months: 89,94 CHF (14,99 per month)

We also always offer promotional prices. If you are a student, or just short of money, just write to us, we can help you in individual cases.

I keep getting a message to fill in all the required fields, and the profile just doesn’t save my entries.


Please check your profile/nickname. Mostly it is because the name is not accepted by the system, because this
a) has less than 3 characters,
b) contains invalid characters such as spaces, umlauts or special characters,
c) already exists

Then first fill only the necessary fields (country, age, gender, I am looking for), save your profile and then add all the other information. The mentioned fields are necessary for the profiles to ensure a basic functionality and for us to ensure a certain quality.

After successful registration on the platform, I would like to complete my profile. I have filled in all the necessary fields in the profile, but I cannot get out of the profile. As soon as I want to use the platform’s functions and click on Search or Matching in the menu, for example, only my profile is displayed again and again?

Please make sure that you:
– uploaded a profile picture
– you have filled in all the necessary profile fields in the basic data

Only with a picture and filling out the necessary profile files, your profile will be fully approved and you can use the features of the platform.

I have discovered someone interesting on the platform and would like to write a message to this user, but I do not see an option to do so.

Please note that active contact is limited with a Basic profile.

As a premium member, you will see a blue heart on every profile, or short profile in the search. If you click on the blue heart, a window will open in which you can send a contact request with a short message. If the user accepts the request, you can write indefinitely.

With the Basic profile, you can accept contact requests, and then also write with the member in question indefinitely.

Every time I go to search, I see the same hits as before. However, I would like to see all of them again and reselect them.

Click “reset” in the upper left corner of the search area. This way all previous filters will be deleted and all users will be displayed in the search again.

Please note that the search may cache your filter criteria. If you then go back to the search, it may be that the filter is still set and you therefore see this selection again.

In the mobile version, you can also find “reset” in the list of filter criteria, above the map.

I want to log in, but I get an error message that my username or password is incorrect.

You can login with your profile name and password, or with eMail and password. If the login does not work, the password is probably incorrect. If you have forgotten your password, please click “Forgot password” on the login screen.

You will then be sent a password reset link to your email and you can set a new password. Please make sure that your password must be at least medium strength in order to be accepted. Ideally eight or more characters, combination of letters, numbers, special characters.

I registered as a guest member, sent the form for full membership by bank transfer and transferred directly. After one day, the membership is still not registered.

Please note that it may take up to two days for us to receive your transfer. We will do our best to check the account receipts in a timely manner and will activate your profile for full membership after the money has been received.

If you haven’t received your full membership 4-5 days after the transfer, please check that your transfer has been made and write to support using the contact form below.

Support Form.
Your question is not in the FAQs or you can’t find a solution to it? Then use our support form. We will answer and help you promptly.
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